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Sunday, October 13, 2019


I still can't believe how fast this year has been moving! It's been more difficult for me to get out and shoot since I'm either working or exhausted lol. BUT, I teamed up with the one and only Famous Amos to get some very blogger-like shots down in Chinatown. I've cut down a lot on buying new outfits but recently picked up some new pieces that I was excited to show off! Keep reading for all my favorite shots and all outfit details.

I have always been a budget shopper, but nowadays I'm trying to invest more in higher ticket items for shoes and handbags. Featured in these shots is my big buy for this season (which you also may have peeped in my last post), the Phoebe handbag from Danse Lente. My next big buy will be a pair of black boots that are formal enough to wear in the office, versatile enough to bring me straight to a happy hour, and durable enough to last me through multiple seasons! You'll notice that this year my accent jewelry has been gold and jade, and in these pics I'm wearing the jade bracelet my grandma gave me. Planning on hopefully getting more when I travel back to Taiwan in a few weeks!

As for the rest of my outfit, the skirt is Who What Wear for Target and the sweater (which has these fun balloon sleeves) is from Loft! There's something about a long skirt that I just love, and I was hesitant about this print at first but I actually really love it to break apart an all-black outfit like this. The boots I think are Material Girl and I bought them from Macy's last year, those are on their last leg though. This might be my favorite overall photo set of the year.... I think this street in Chinatown was the perfect backdrop for this outfit. As always, all the credit really goes to Amos for the shots and editing, and you can see all his work by clicking HERE or anywhere else you see his name in this post :)