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Sunday, August 18, 2019


Hello everybody!!! Today I'm sharing the shoot I did about a week and a half ago with my friend Davon. We returned to the new part of The High Line by Hudson Yards for these pictures, and my outfit of choice was my usual all-black look. Can anyone else believe it's already the second half of August? This summer has been crazy in the best way possible. Keep reading for all my favorite shots from this set!

Let me take a moment to share some exciting news about an event happening next weekend! One of the biggest photography community accounts, Pursuit of Portraits, is having a photography meetup next Saturday, August 24th, out in Coney Island. Often, people ask me the best way to get their start modeling (either for blog content or just for fun) in the NYC scene. I always share that I got my start collaborating with friends who happen to do photography as a hobby, but as modeling became my own hobby/part of my blog content, going to meetups was a major way for me to network and find people willing to work with me.

For anyone who's interested in going to next week's meetup, click here for the IG post with all the details, and follow Pursuit of Portraits to keep up!

Anyways, this summer has been full of a lot of changes for me. I've been working full time at my internship and experiencing a lot of exciting personal and professional growth. I turned another year older too, and recently realized that means in another two months, this blog turns SEVEN years old! I almost can't believe it, I've been at this for quite some time now but still it never feels like a drag and I'm having a ton of fun doing it. 

The outfit in these pictures is a great example of a typical work outfit I wear at my position in the beauty industry. My favorite item in my wardrobe this season has been the pair of ChloĆ© sandals I splurged on (they were on a major sale + I used a lot of credit card rewards points for them!), though they do kill my feet after a while, haha! Thank you to Davon for being a great photographer to work with and for the amazing finished result of these photos. You can click here or anywhere you see his name to check out his Instagram gallery.