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Sunday, July 7, 2019


NYC has hit the time of the year where even a minute outside leaves me a sweaty mess. DON'T even ask me how I look after five minutes waiting on the subway platform.... Really though, I sweat very easily in general and now that it's actually humid I'm finding any makeup I attempt to do just kind of slides off. At the moment I'm fairly tan and just looking for products that can help enhance my look to a grade above "just rolled out of bed" and keep my skin/hair healthy and happy. Keep reading to see what I have in my routine now!

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but summer is my favorite season. I love hitting up the pool and beach, getting tan, skipping out on makeup and all of that stuff! My freckles come out and getting my color back helps conceal breakouts better. My routine is very minimal and focused more on staying hydrated than anything else. When I do want to add some extra oomph, the makeup I'm reaching for is stuff that is comfortable to wear and subtle. Come on, everyone wants their look to reflect their best summer self, and that's something that should look and feel for the most part effortless!

nügg Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid Face and Sleep Mask ($9)
I think it has to be the combination of sunshine and saltwater, but my skin always looks better in the summertime. I find that breakouts don't look as bad (probably thanks to my tan) and my skin's texture/tone improves too. In an attempt to keep my skin in tip-top shape, I use this overnight mask about three times a week. This is packed with ingredients that promote hydration and glow, and I definitely see my skin looking supple and soft in the morning!

Model's Own Sculpt and Glow Liquid Highlighter, "Luster" ($8)
Just a little tiny bit of this goes a long way. Sculpt and Glow kind of reminds me of two higher end products: CoverFX Enhancer drops (namely "Sunlight") and Fenty Body Lava. This shade is like a brassy rose gold and I like to put a dot on each cheekbone and blend out. This gives me like a blush/shimmer and I really like how it compliments my skin. This isn't so sparkly as it is shimmery, and that's what makes it a little more lowkey but still impactful.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($18)
What a product omg. I've written about this before here on the blog, but it's such a worthwhile bougie product. This spray gives a punch of mint and other essential oils that gives my skin a dewy glow like no other. Instead of immediately evaporating right after, I feel like the ingredients in this absorb into my skin and help soothe it. Love using this in the evening before applying moisturizer.

Glossier Boy Brow ($16)
I never understood the hype around Glossier... tbh I think most of it is still just incredible marketing and product design. HOWEVER- this is one product that is most definitely worth the hype, at least for people who already have naturally thick brows. This is my first Glossier product and I love it because this brown gel instantly makes my brows look more filled and polished. It's a breeze to apply and the little extra definition actually makes a huge difference. This is perfect for when I'm going out or too the office and don't want to go full glam.

Maybelline Pumped Up Mascara ($5)
A CLASSIC! I have been using Maybelline mascara for years now. This was one of my OGs, I switched to the Cat Eyes one for a while and now I'm back on Pumped Up. I love this line because it's one of the only ones that has a waterproof formula with enough wax to hold a curl on my lashes. I use only a couple coats, this lengthens my lashes and adds some definition but doesn't give a falsies look. I love using this for a quick lash boost.

Calvin Klein WOMEN EDP ($104)
I'll be honest, at first I was not really a fan of this scent. I usually like heavier, warmer fragrances but now that it's summer I was looking to switch it up. This scent is sparkling and light, it has citrus and smells very refreshing. In the mornings I spray this on and feel very ready to take on the day. 

Chapstick Moisturizer ($3.29 for 3)
I think I kind of forgot how amazing the real OG Chapstick is because I've been using trendy/cool lip balms for so long. Chapstick is what it is, not glamorous or a statement makes but so reliable. I picked this up recently in a three pack for just over three bucks at Target. While I was checking out, I saw the SunBum lip balm I scanned was almost four bucks, and in my shock I turned and saw this three pack next to the register. The rest is history! The faint vanilla scent and nourishing formula really is unbeatable, and I find that this kind lasts and keeps my lips soft.

Kenra Luxe One Leave-in Conditioner ($25)
For the past year and a half, I have been using OGX's Coconut Oil Hair Serum to moisturize the ends of my hair. I finally ran out and was looking around my draw for anything else I had around that could replace it for now. I started giving this leave in conditioner a shot, and I actually really love it! I think Kenra is more a professional brand, but I have been using seven sprays of this and massaging it into the ends of my damp hair. After blowdrying, I notice my ends are thoroughly hydrated and soft! Sometimes after drying I will massage another spray or two into my ends. Split ends are a major issue for me and this is a big help in keeping them at bay.

Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Butter ($10)
Remember when I received a bunch of these in the IHC Summer Kit last year? I'm literally still working through all the bottles Bliss sent in the box! This lotion's scent is so pleasantly refreshing and the formula is light. Normally, I need a heavier cream because I have dry skin but in the summer that's less of an issue for me. This lotion absorbs into skin quickly and the packaging is just so beautiful!

Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day UV Illuminating Sunscreen ($34)
Soooo sad that I forgot to place this in the photo smh. But I posted about this product on my IG recently and talked a little about my initial impression. I have been looking for a facial sunscreen and while at Marshall's picked this gem up for just $13! This formula doesn't clog my pores and the pearlescent shimmer gives me a beautiful glow without looking oily! I actually think this helps my skin look not as oily as normal. I'm trying to get this into my morning routine so that I can make sure my skin is protected from daily casual sun exposure!