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Sunday, May 12, 2019


What a treat these spring weeks are! Even though we've been getting hit a little heavy with rain in the city, that's nothing compared to how FREEZING cold it's been these past few months. For the past two years now I've really slowed down on buying clothing like I used to. In my freshman year of college I worked at the Urban Outfitters on 14th and 6th and used to go CRAZY with my employee discount. Coincidentally, one of my most recent investments is this beautiful lilac faux leather jacket from Urban, which has quickly become my go-to for the season. I sported this out on my most recent shoot with my friend Diego, keep reading to see all the best shots!

Diego is one of the most talented photographers I know, and the last time we shot back in November resulted in one of my favorite sets ever. For more of his stuff, visit his IG gallery here or click anywhere you see his name. Diego also has a blog (which I had helped him set up) that you can visit by clicking here. Life looks so much better when Diego photographs it, and my favorite lilac jacket got a touch of that magic during this shoot we did at the Highline!

It's funny because the Hudson Yards area is going though so much change right now, and while I knew about The Vessel I had no idea about the extension of the Highline over there. We hit up the area and even though it was a little cold and cloudy, the sunlight was hitting just right. Another reason why I love this jacket is because the temperatures fluctuate a lot in the day, but this is relatively thin and also very warm. It's the perfect transition weather jacket! This is also the type of piece that makes everything I wear look like I really tried and gives me a boost of trendy. I bought this from Urban's website for $60 about a month and a half ago. It's still available in some sizes here.

Full outfit details:
Top - Wild Fable by Target
Tank - Boutique in HK
Pants - Nightmarket in TW
Shoes - Saint Laurent
Jacket - Urban Outfitters