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Sunday, March 3, 2019


I'm telling a tale of caution today on the blog. Just a day or two before this past New Year's, I had the absolute WORST breakout I've ever had and it was definitely my fault. I don't have pictures because I didn't think to take any, but I'm sharing how I finally got over it right here right now!

So this breakout I'm talking about is concentrated in one spot, not breaking out over my whole face. Here's the story, I think this breakout was inevitable. BUT, I definitely made it way worse because I have a habit of picking at blemished until I get the stuff inside all out. What happened was, I frequently get little blackheads on the border of my lips. Usually, I wait until after I shower and the pores are all open, then I'll gently squeeze them out. This time, there was a blackhead right on the left peak of my cupid's bow and I started squeezing at it while the pore was closed. All I did was push the blackhead further down and it got all swollen. Over the next couple days, it turned into a whitehead pimple, I would get some of the stuff out but knew the main sebum was stuck in there. Eventually I finally got it out, in addition to another blackhead that was also above my lip, but not before the whole area turned all scabby and irritated.

I wanted to take care of the healing as soon as possible, and here's how I cleared it up in only about two days time. ALSO- last week, I got another one of these awful breakouts on the top of my other cupid's bow peak. I used this same routine and again it took two days to clear. That time around I used a little vapor rub too to get the swelling down, so you can try that too! The only thing I'm left with now is some discoloration, which I'll be using Bio-Oil to treat.

Tea Tree Oil
After I finally dug out the sebum, my pimple finally got a chance to heal. Believe me though, I was worried that such a deep pimple would leave an unsightly scar. Immediately, I applied some tea tree oil around the pimple, avoiding the open wound part. Tea Tree Oil is great in reducing inflammation and has alleged anti-bacterial properties.

Mentholatum Acnes
Acne patches are having a hot moment, and it's no wonder why! I applied one of these acne patches to the former pimple spots above my lip to keep it covered and suck away extra fluid. Since I picked so much at the spots, there was a mix of that clear fluid and a little blood coming from both of the pimples I popped. This patch took most of that away, and the green color of the patch cancels out a lot of the redness which at least made it look not so bad when I had to leave the house. I wore this during the day time, it also helps me not keep picking.

Freeman Beauty Mud Mask
I applied this mask all over my face, but especially over the healing pimple so that it could encourage healing. Be careful when you wash this off though not to scrub too hard with the washcloth. 

I Dew Care "See the Light" Mask
So on the second day, I was left with a really ugly scab right on the border of my lip. It was so terrible looking, and of course I was starting a new job in like two days and wanted this whole thing to disappear by then! Trying to cover up an acne scab just makes it look worse in my opinion, because the concealer gets icky and the whole thing look like a mess. I used a very hydrating sheet mask (like this) to calm my skin, and also soften the scab! After removing the mask, the scab was soft enough to come off. Like magic!

Proactiv Emergency Blemish Relief
Afte the pimple was mostly healed and the scab was off, it was just leftover red and a little swollen. I followed up with a dose of this spot treatment, and the next morning my pimple was almost totally gone! This was right in time for the next day, when I started my new job.