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Sunday, January 6, 2019


What a holiday it's been! I'm really excited to share the shots from this set today, which are from a shoot I collaborated on with my new friend Orlando. ALSO- (a little plug), if you like the dress I'm wearing, I'm actually currently selling it on my Poshmark. Click here to check it out!

Last Sunday was a really crazy day for me! I arrived just before 11 a.m. in downtown NYC to meet up with Orlando for this shoot. After we got all the shots we needed, I drew up a plan to fill the time between then and the 3 p.m. toy drive by ASAP Foundation in Harlem. Hauling my big plastic bag of donations, I walked up to Soho and window shopped before meeting up with my friend Ben for lunch.

After stopping to eat at By Chloe, I made my way uptown to Harlem to meet up with Amos for the toy drive. I really believe it's so important to give back, no matter the amount. What was amazing was that while sitting inside at the toy drive, Orlando sent me over the photos from that morning! They came out great, and I'm really pleased with my pattern mixing haha. Big thank you to Orlando, make sure you click his name anywhere in this post to check out his Instagram gallery!