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Sunday, January 27, 2019


Giving the people what they want to read, all my different face mask routines! I put a poll on my Instagram story recently asking who would want to read about the different face masks I use. The response was really positive, and so here I am writing this thing! In the past two years, my interest has taken a big shift from makeup to skincare. Face masks are a big part of my skincare routine, and I'm really glad that other people are interested in learning more about that. Keep reading to see my winning combination of masks (because some I use in a row) and what they're best used for.

Face masks are on a really big wave right now in the US. My first memories using them are from about ten years ago and very sweet. On trips into Flushing with my mom, my little sister and I would always ask to stop by one of the beauty shops that sold Chinese, Japanese, and Korean beauty products. I was around eleven years old and wasn't allowed to wear makeup yet, so the skincare things were the only apples to my eye! The shops used to run sales on sheet masks that would be like 11 for $20 or something like that. My sister and I would pool our money together and split the masks half and half! They weren't any big brands, but hey came in all different types and it made us so happy. We would store them in the side shelf of the fridge and have little spa nights together, it was the best!

Today K-beauty has wholly hit the mainstream, and the major brands are the likes of Tony Moly, Nature's Republic, Innisfree, etc. Personally, my favorite sheet masks are from the Taiwanese brand My Beauty Diary, but those are harder to find in the US.

I love both sheet masks and liquid masks, and regularly use a combination of both to keep my skin in top shape! I used to struggle with acne as a teen, so skin condition is something I still value and put a lot of work into. Nowadays I'm happy to go barefaced most of the time! Enough talk, let me finally jump in to sharing what masks I use and when I use them!

...When your skin is doing well:
Freeman Beauty Cucumber Peel-Off Mask
I love this mask because I feel like it pulls out just enough junk from my skin. Being a peel off, I like to reserve this to when I'm not suffering from any bad breakouts because I feel like it can irritate a bad pimple. This mask surprises me because it pulls out some blackheads from my nose too!

...When your skin texture is a little bumpy:
St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub and Mask
You know when your skin is clear but still there are texture inconsistencies, like little bumps? It's not really a breakout because there's no redness or whiteheads, but there's still some trapped sebum. I will use this scrub then leave it on my face about five minutes to help all that clear. This is good at exactly what it says, smoothing out skin and calming it down.
Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask
This mask has sulfur and tea tree oil among other ingredients that promote clear skin. Tackle those little bumps before they become full-on pimples by using this mask! The St. Ives mask does the exfoliation, this mask delivers a hit of acne treatment.

...When you're badly breaking out:
Nugg Skin Fizz
This exfoliating mask is a little abrasive, but it leaves your skin so fresh. If I'm having a bad breakout and want some serious exfoliation, I use this and leave it on while I shower.
Freeman Beauty Detoxifying Mud Mask
After I get out of the shower, I'll apply this while my pores are open. I like mud masks that encourage pulling all the bad junk from my skin. This is so necessary during a bad breakout.

...When your skin is dull:
I Dew Care See The Light Mask
I recommend this sheet mask or any other sheet mask when you're skin looks dull and tired. What I like about sheet masks is that they deliver such an intense dose of moisture. Leave the mask on until it feels like 60% dry, so about 30 minutes. Use the extra liquid inside for your neck, and let that great stuff dry! Your skin will look immediately better.