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Saturday, November 10, 2018


Last Friday was something very exciting... my friend David had a gallery show for his photography! I invited my other photographer friend Migs to join me, the plan was to meet early and try to get some shots in. That morning though, I forgot my phone at home. What happened the rest of the day/night is history! Keep reading for my almost disaster story, and for the best pictures from the night.

This was the second time this year that I've left my phone at home in the morning before leaving for a day in the city. Of course, it had to be a day where I was coordinating with friends and visiting a new part of the city lol. Before losing wifi, I texted Migs and then drew a map in my planner of the Williamsburg neighborhood the gallery show was to be hosted at. This was the first time in a VERY long time that I had to use a non-digital navigation method to get to where I was going! It sounds ridiculous, but really you don't realize how much you rely on your phone until you don't have it!

Somehow, I managed to get myself to the gallery early. I grabbed a BLT from the corner deli and a bottle of mango/aloe drink. In front of the gallery I waited, not for long, for Migs while David began setting up inside. Migs and I gave the neighborhood a quick survey before picking an area in the street to grab a couple pictures. 

Below are the best shots. I wish I was able to share some photos of the gallery show itself, if I only I had my phone! Make sure you look at David's Instagram and his website, if you missed the show know that you can still buy pieces by contacting David himself! Of course, big thank you to Migs for these shots, and give his Instagram a follow too!