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Saturday, October 13, 2018


Another Saturday is here! First, as someone who's life is mostly in NYC, I want to share again how important it is to support young local companies and individuals with a vision. I love supporting artists I know, and today's post is showing off t-shirts from one of my favorite NY brands, Last Year Being Broken. Keep reading for my favorite shots from shooting with Migs and Amos!

Last Year Being Broken is a clothing brand started by ASAP Mob's ASAP Twelvvy. I like it for its designs but also for the message, which to me is motivation to keep working hard because each year is better than the last. You can click here or anywhere you see the brand name to be brought to their website!

The shots with the big cheetah print coat were taken by Migs the last time him, me, and Amos all went out together. The shots of me with the white shirt were shot by Amos one night we were out in July. Make sure you check out both these talented photographers' Instagram galleries by clicking on their names! 

Also, listen to Cold Pizza NYC's podcast on iTunes and Sound Cloud. This is a new show started by some of my friends and centers around rap, fashion, and NYC. Also, keep an ear out to the shout out I got on episode 6! These guys have great personalities and they really shine on air.