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Saturday, July 7, 2018


Happy Saturday! Ugh this weather is crazy nice today out on the island, I'm writing to you all from a lounge chair in my yard. It's super comfortable on this breezy, sunny day, and I'm so happy yo be sharing with you all my photoshoot with my friend Remi! We visited the Museum of Ice Cream's latest installation, The Pint Shop, in Chelsea over by the Highline. There were some amazing colors in there, and a whole bunch of great shots! Keep reading to see my favorite pics of the trip.

As you'll soon see, the yellow backgrounds were definitely my favorite, I feel like they really make my skin pop! I have always seen interactive installation places on Facebook and photos that friend's put up, but this was actually my first time going to one. The Pint Shop was nice because it was free, and also it's definitely the move if you want to shoot photos in a variety of backgrounds with solid lighting. I'm really glad Remi brought up going here, and remember, anywhere you see his name you can click to be brought to his Instagram gallery!

What was also really cool was how many people throughout the day asked me about the baseball cap I was wearing! For my job, I was doing a bunch of research on CBD edible products hot on the market right now. One brand I came across is Not Pot, a CBD chocolate company based out of California. I saw they had this limited release cap on its site and snatched it right up. At the time the cap was free, I only had to pay shipping! Not only is it super cute, but it's also a fantastic conversation starter. The company's chocolates sell out fast, but one day I hope to try some!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the colorful photos below. Thanks again to Remi for doing an amazing job with shooting and editing!