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Sunday, April 8, 2018


I think it's definitely safe to say at this point that between Rihanna's Fenty Puma and Fenty Beauty collections, I've spent enough to buy the woman at least two first class dinners. Last weekend I finally splurged on two Fenty Beauty products I have been dying to get! Keep reading for my full review of the Match Stix Trio and Gloss Bomb!

I've been eyeing the Match Stix trio for so long... I wanted to invest in it because the price is about equal to two individually bought Match Stix. I went to Sephora to get color matched and low and behold I am the shade "Bamboo", which is found in the Medium 200 trio! As for Gloss Bomb, I thought it would be unnecessary for me since I have so many glosses. However, two people recently highly recommended it to me, so I decided to give it a shot!

As a lot of you know, Fenty Beauty is only available on their online site, Sephora in-stores, and Sephora online. The price for the Match Stix Trio is $54. The price for Gloss Bomb is $18.



I think the packaging on this stuff is fantastic. Each individual stick is magnetized, and the hexagonal shape makes the tube easy to get a good grip on during use. This is a great on-the-go product, since everything you need for a whole face is here. The three tubes can be stuck together and take up little space in a bag. I had an event Friday night that I had to do my makeup at, and all I brought in terms of face makeup were this trio and a silicon sponge to blend it.

The lids click on very securely and I am not worried about them potentially falling off while they're tumbling around my bag. My only QC complaint is the color sticker on the "Trippin" stick is constantly peeling up on the top. This isn't a big deal (I can just push it back on), but it's a little annoying since it was like that out of box.


I hesitated for a long time on buying this product because I'm admittedly not that experienced at cream makeup. Actually, I've always been kind of bad with blending cream product. Finding out my color match was in a trio set was definitely a main factor in me finally purchasing. The thing is, for people who don't have their main skin tone shade in a trio, I don't know how great this would be. Yes, you could use the lighter shade as a highlight-- but still, if it's a totally off color it won't work.

I think they definitely did the best they could with accommodation in the trios. There are four trio options (100s, 200s, 300s, and 400s). I tested this out a few times this past week before writing up this review. In short: I love it.

I put on the product one section of my face at a time and immediately blend it with a silicone sponge (my usual foundation brush totally didn't do the job). The formula goes on so smooth, and it's medium coverage but buildable. The finish is just a little bit dewy, and I didn't have to use any powder to keep it from getting oily or slipping around! That's amazing especially because my skin is crazy oily. Even for a person like me who doesn't usually do cream makeup, this was pretty easy to get the hang of. One thing I learned was you only need a little bit of the contour color, when you blend it out it goes a long way.

Trippin is also such a beautiful highlight/blush! I was concerned it would be too pink and make me look like a tomato. Luckily, it's sheer enough to give a beautiful shimmer but not overly pigmented. When I used it heavier on my cheeks, there was a noticeable pinkish color. On the other parts of my face I went lighter and I was all good!



The packaging on this is pretty standard for a gloss. The top screws on to a click that feels very secure. My only complaint is that the applicator is kind of large, and tends to pick up a generous amount of product that's too much for my lips. Otherwise, it's really pretty and lets you see through right to the gloss.


The whole thing about this is it's claim to being universally flattering on all skin tones. The two people who recommended this to me have very different tones from myself and each other. I think the gloss lives up to its claim of universality because it looks great on all of us! With that being said, it also looks very different. The result is a highly glossy, pleasantly shimmery dusty rose color that will look more intense the lighter the lip color.

My mom and sister tried this stuff too and it looks great on them as well. The thing that really surprised me with this is the smell-- it's an amazing fruity/floral that is just wonderful! If you are like me and have a lot fo glosses already, and are wondering if this is worth it, I would say yes for its versatility. This gives a really natural result that's perfect for any look. You can add just a dab of gloss in the center of your lip or go all in for something more glamorous. 

This shade of sheer dusty rose combined with the shimmer and gloss gives of a real GLOW. It just reminds me of health and magic, does that make sense? Lol. But for the price, this stuff seems to be worth it because it's a uniquely beautiful color. The formula is thick but it doesn't feel sticky and heavy. It lasts (not really through eating but that's normal with gloss) and doesn't get clumpy gross.