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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Hey everyone! It's been a little quiet here on the blog, and it's because I've just been so swamped lately between school and work. I am so happy to finally have had some time to go out and shoot with my buddy Amos. This shoot was really great because I got to wear two of my favorite NY brands: X-Files and Yacht Club Clothing. Keep reading to see the best shots!

Let me start first by thanking Yacht Club Clothing for sending me this sweatshirt from their new collection! 

Remember that as always, anywhere you see a name underlined you can click to be brought to that Instagram/website. This shoot was really fun, especially since Amos and I found a bunch of desks on the street that we used as props. Then we relocated to Turnstyle at the 59 St-Columbus Circle station for the stair pictures. 

X-Files and Yacht Club Clothing are my favorite NY brands because they're homegrown. Both of the people that run them take so much care from the beginning of the ordering process to following up on social media. It's great to see young people putting so much into their companies, and that's something I totally support. Make sure you follow each on Instagram too, click here for X-Files and here for YCC. Both have online stores too, I encourage you to browse!

Click here to buy the X-Files camo beanie.
Click here to buy the YCC "Butterfly Effect" sweatshirt.