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Saturday, February 17, 2018


Let me start by wishing everyone a late Happy Lunar New Year! This is one of my favorite times of year and a holiday that I hold very near to my heart. I've got a great set of photos to share with you all today. These were shot by my new friend Sage, and he did a fantastic job! Keep reading to see all the best shots!

Last weekend I met Sage at a little Bushwick studio, wearing what I call my Pepto-Bismol sweater. I picked this up while I was in Miami for New Year's last month, and the bright color immediately caught my eye. Bright knits stand out so much in this gloomy, NYC winter landscape!

Besides getting some great serious pictures, Sage also captured a lot of shots that I think really show off my personality. It's true, I'm actually a very smiley girl and I always get really gummy because I just smile too big! Lol. Below are some of my favorites from the set, and anywhere you see Sage's name you can click to be hyperlinked to his Instagram gallery (a must follow). You can also click here to check out his website! Big thank you to him for working with me!