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Saturday, February 3, 2018


Happy Saturday guys! Last week some of you may have seen on my Instagram that Ulta was having a 50% off sale on Mario Badescu masks. Of course, I had to head over and pick up a few new treats for me. My family loves Mario Badescu masks, so after buying a few more I decided to make this post. Of the five masks in my household, two are mine, two are my mom's, and one is my sister's. Keep reading for our opinions of these five masks!

I've been going through a really intense skincare obsession these past few months. What's amazing is that since I've been paying extra attention and care to my skin, it really has become so much better. For the longest time, I was using Proactiv+ for acne, and I felt like my skin was becoming really dependent on it. I switched over to a new routine (read about it here) and the results have been astounding. 

Masks are a big part of my life, and I love that Mario Badescu offers so many different masks to tackle specific problems. I don't just use one face mask, through the week I use different ones depending on what solutions I'm looking for.

Let's jump right in to some reviews then!

Top row: Healing & Soothing Mask, Cucumber Tonic Mask, Drying Mask
Bottom row: Special Mask for Oily Skin, Super Collagen Mask

Healing & Soothing Mask ($20)

I bought this mask for me because I thought it might help when I have an allergic reaction flareup. I've been having some problems the last few months, where I'm definitely allergic to something but I don't know what. I get these horrible hives on my face, which are super red, itchy, and swollen. I haven't used this for that yet because I haven't had a flareup. However, I like to use this once a week to make sure my skin isn't being overloaded and irritated. I think the smell is a little weird, but it leaves my skin super soft and even when I wash it off. The site says it's good for oily skin (which I have) to rebalance the skin, but good to moisturize all skin types too.

Cucumber Tonic Mask ($18)

This one is my mom's and these are her opinions. The mask itself is a little too runny, so it becomes difficult to apply and not make a mess. The smell is pleasant, like a light floral scent. Her skin concerns are large pores and oil control. She feels like after use her skin definitely feels tighter and the pores don't look as deep. There is also a brightening effect it gives right after. As for oil control, she doesn't see any major results. The mask isn't too drying and hasn't given any irritation.

Drying Mask ($18)

This mask is my sister's, but she started to let me use it and here's why. The major problem with this mask, and the reason she won't use it, is the smell. This smells like really strong cigarettes. If you can get over the smell, the mask itself is not bad. I have really intense oily skin, and I feel like after using this I do notice that my skin is less oily the next day. After washing it off, my skin does feel really balanced, moisturized, and soft. The smell can be tough for me to handle too... so I don't recommend this mask as much as the others.

Special Mask for Oily Skin ($18)

Nowadays I look for products that are safe for sensitive skin as well as oily skin. I'm trying to really pinpoint what it is that triggers allergic reactions for me, but in the meantime also staying away from harsh ingredients. This mask is supposed to be good for oily, sensitive, and combo skin. I do feel like this takes care of the extra oil my skin produces and will produce the next day. My favorite thing though is that there is Calamine inside, so it has that calming effect. Also, this is a good alternative to the Drying Mask if you don't want to deal with that nasty cigarette scent.

Super Collagen Mask ($18)

This is another of my mom's masks. She bought it hoping it would reduce wrinkles and bring some youthfulness. It's definitely not as liquid-y as the Cucumber Tonic Mask. After use, my mom felt like her face was definitely more hydrated, and that hydration reduced the look of fine lines. It leaves a really clean feeling after washing off. Once again, my mom did notice a brightening effect after using this.