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Thursday, December 28, 2017


Hey everybody! My bad I've been kind of lacking on posts this month, between finals and the holidays it's just been crazy! But I'm back and sharing this post by popular demand. At the beginning of this month, I picked up a bottle of Bio-Oil from Target kind of on a whim. I didn't do any research on it or seek it out on the shelves, but spotted it as I was looking for allergy medication. Keep reading to hear my story on how bio-oil saved my face!

So, I've had kind of a low-key problem these past few months. I get these random little blackheads on the outline of my lips, mainly at the top, that drive me crazy. Usually, I can take care of them really easily by giving a gentle squeeze. There was one time over the summer where I squeezed one and it got soooo bad! The little black head became a full-out horrible pimple that hurt and was hard to really pop. After it finally healed, I was left with a very noticeable scar. It was like an extended red part above the left peak of my cupid's bow. 

A few months later, I got a pimple at the peak of my right cupid's bow and the same thing happened. I was left with two red scars above both peaks of my cupid's bow that made my lips look kind of deformed. It was driving me crazy! I hated that without makeup I had these two random red extensions of my lip.

Flash forward to Target. When I saw the Bio-Oil bottle, the name sounded kind of familiar and I read the box that said it's good for stretch marks and scars (it was with other products on the shelf for reducing stretch marks from pregnancy). I bought it to just give it a shot. I posted a picture on my Instagram (@kellelovesapples) asking people if they had any insights on the product, and everyone seemed like they loved it!

I started applying just a dab of the oil above my cupid's bow twice a day, as suggested on the bottle. I did this after washing my face and moisturizing. It's been about two weeks now, and I can't express how impressed I am! I never have high hopes about scar fading products, but this stuff is amazing. My two very noticeable red scars from before have been reduced to almost nothing! You can still see the discoloration a little bit, but only up close. Now, my lip shape is just about back to normal!

My bottle is 2 oz. and about $10 at Target. Since you only need to use a dab of oil each time, this stuff could last for a super long time. If you have acne scarring like me on your face, I totally, totally recommend this stuff. Compared to other acne scar fading products, the results are way better and the price is amazingly affordable. I hear this works wonders on stretch marks too, but I can't confirm myself because I haven't tried it. It's worth giving a shot though!

I have oily, acne-prone skin and was concerned that maybe it would clog pores and break me out. But, none of that happened! The oil also smells really good. I am a chronic pimple popper, and sometimes if I pick too much I am left with a scar. I feel like this is a new secret weapon for me! Bio-Oil is definitely a game changer when it comes to fading acne scars so much to the point where it's like they're not even there.