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Sunday, November 19, 2017


So everybody knows MAC's Paint Pot line. The product is marketed and described as a "long-wearing blendable cream shadow that can be worn alone or with other products" (MAC site). I have been a long time user of the "Soft Ochre" paint pot. A few days ago, I was in a rush doing my makeup and accidentally used this product for something else other than an eyeshadow base. The result was MAGNIFICENT!

You can pick up MAC Paint Pots either online or in-store, and also anywhere they sell MAC, for $22. It seems like a hefty price tag for a cream eyeshadow single, but these last so long. I have had mine for quite sometime now, and even though there's a big dent in the middle, there's still tons more product left.

NOW, the big reveal-- while I was rushing my makeup, I accidentally picked up my "Soft Ochre" paint pot and used it as concealer. I realized what I'd done afterwards, but there was no time to change it and it actually looked really good. After a day of wear, I discovered that this actually worked BETTER than my usual concealer!

As you can see, the color "Soft Ochre" is like a pale yellow. This happens to be just a little bit lighter than my skin tone, but exactly the same undertone. I applied this on the parts of my face as a highlighting concealer and it worked like a charm! Under my eyes, the area was much brighter and there was NO CREASING! That's really unbelievable to me, because under eye creasing is a major problem for me when I put concealer in that area. This also worked great outlining my brows, on the bridge of my nose, and on my lids as a normal shadow base. 

This also looked so natural on me it was crazy. Besides being a PERFECT color fit for me (which is rare because usually a lot of colors are too peachy for me), there wasn't any cakey-ness to it.

This isn't the best picture of me, but it does the job in showing what using "Soft Ochre" as a concealer/highlight looks like. 

The problem with this trick I've discovered is that there aren't many Paint Pots that are very suitable to fit a lot of skin tones. Of course, this is because these aren't meant to be concealers, and eye shadows aren't typically the same shade as skin. It's a shame, because like I mentioned, I like using the Paint Pot's formula a lot more than my normal MAC concealer!

Click here to browse through MAC's Paint Pot page and if you see something that could work with your skin tone, I recommend you give it a try as a concealer. Side note: I use a pointed foundation brush to apply it, like I do with any normal concealer.