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Saturday, October 21, 2017


GUYSS!! Listen up, I am never one to believe hype on anything. I'm definitely a see-it-to-believe-it type of girl. Clarisonic and Her Campus were so kind to pick me for a campaign where Clarisonic sent me a WHOLE LOT OF goods to test out. I've heard plenty about Clarisonic, but this is my first time trying out their products. Let me tell you, the rumors are TRUE! You wouldn't believe the difference in my skin since I've been using their products. Keep reading for my breakdown and a link to get 15% off your Clarisonic order at the end!

First, this post is sponsored in partnership with Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. Like always, all words and opinions are my own!

If you've been a long-time reader of Amourtera (that's five years now!), you know that I have always struggled with acne. For the past two years I've been on Proactiv+, but I recently stopped that because I wanted a change in my routine. Starting this Clarisonic routine has been a blessing! Here's all that Clarisonic was kind enough to send me:

Clarisonic Mia 1 Device with Radiance Brush Head ($129)
Pore & Blemish Gel Cleanser ($18)
Acne Brush Head ($27)
Deep Pore Brush Head ($27)

I take testing beauty products very seriously because I want to be able to give an honest, comprehensive review. My method for testing these products was as follows. I tested each brush head for four days each, using it twice a day. I used the same Clarisonic Pore & Blemish Cleanser the whole time.

Before starting to use my Mia 1, I charged it for a day in advance. At first, I'm not going to lie, I was a little intimidated by the device. I am the worst with figuring out electronics, so I was like how am I going to figure out how to charge this and change the brush heads? What a fool I was. They include directions in the box, but also it's pretty intuitive. 

There's only one button on the Mia 1. You wet your face and the brush and squeeze out some of the cleanser onto the brush. When you press the button, the brush starts to oscillate and you scrub it over your face. The oscillation is on an interval of one minute and shuts off by itself. 

I have never used a facial brush before. I was so surprised that the sonic cleanse it gave was so gentle!! No matter the brush head, I never felt like the bristles scrubbed my face raw. The cleanser has really helped with my breakouts, and I'm again shocked at how not harsh it is. All the acne products I've used in the past feel like they totally strip my skin, but not this one! Mia 1 will work on all skin types, and I can say confidently that that includes sensitive skin too because I have super sensitive skin.

I think the combination of the cleanser and device is what has done such wonders for my skin. Like, I can SEE the difference and so can other people! I used to have kind of a bumpy skin texture, especially on my forehead. Like, there wouldn't be a pimple I could pop but just little under the skin things. My skin is so smooth now, I really can't believe it! I'm not lying when I say that people I know have been complimenting me on my glow, or how smooth I look (and when I'm not wearing makeup too!).

My favorite brush by far is the deep pore brush head. I feel like I saw the most improvements using that one. All of the brush heads are soft and gentle, but you can definitely tell that the deep pore brush head is a little firmer. I was so impressed with all of them, and here's why. Clarisonic says that all the brush heads work by oscillating and flushing water and cleanser into pores. This particular head is great for people with big pores (like me) because it works by dislodging all the bad stuff that gets trapped inside. 

On days where I wore makeup I could literally see the proof. When I wear makeup, I always start removal by using a makeup wipe. After removing what I though was all of it, I used my Mia 1. At the end of the minute, I looked down at the brush and saw it was SKIN COLORED because it took foundation I didn't even know was still there off! Now THAT'S a deep clean! 

Let me say a quick something about the actual device. It's very very simple to use. Above, you see the device without the brush head attached and also the charger. To charge, you just place the large white pod onto the front of the Clarisonic (where you see the imprint towards the bottom) and it magnetically clicks on. Then, just plug the usb into a charger. 

To attach a brush head, place the brush head on top of the top part and gently press down and twist clockwise. You'll hear a click that it's attached. To remove it, gently press down and twist counterclockwise. That's it!

The brushes do not, I repeat DO NOT, harbor bacteria. When I'm done using mine, I usually dry the brush a little on a towel and place it on it's side on a towel to dry.

I've already said I love this cleanser. Even though it has Salicylic Acid as an active ingredient, there is no burn and no harshness. My skin is overall such a smoother texture and I have had no angry pimples pop up! After using this and rinsing off, I use a moisturizing serum.

Here's a little picture of me content with my life, having nobody stress me out, and pampering myself with my morning Clarisonic cleanse. See me getting into the Halloween spirit too? If you remember at the start, I told you all I could hook you up with the 15% off your order. All you have to do is click this link:

and use the code "HERCAMPUS" at checkout.

If you're stressing about prices, know that Clarisonic has monthly payment plans based on credit approval!

THANK YOU again to Her Campus and Clarisonic for my #giftfromClarisonic. I literally love everything, this has changed my skincare life!