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Sunday, September 17, 2017


Hello to you on this beautiful Sunday afternoon! I am beyond excited to be sharing my thoughts on the foundation from Rihanna's new Fenty Beauty line. The second it debuted, I was thrilled over the incredible range of colors. As someone who has a very difficult time finding foundation that actually matches, I had very high hopes that this would have something for me. Keep reading to get my thoughts on shade matching and overall wear!

Everyone knows how hot this line has been from the second it debuted. This past Friday after class, I ran down to the Union Square Sephora with my girls and beelined to the Fenty display. I had a Sephora employee help me find my shade, which is 260. She tested some on my chin, and I was AMAZED at how perfect it was to my skin tone! It's very difficult for me to find a foundation that has enough yellow undertones but still with a little pink. When the foundations were first released, there was some backlash over the shades included. What I have to say is that inclusive means the most for the most people, and there are plenty of women of color, like myself, who have lighter skin but still struggle to find the right tones.

The official name of this is Fenty Pro Flit'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. You can pick it up online on the Fenty or Sephora sites, or in store at Sephora. This goes for $34 and is 1.08 oz. The packaging is nice and sturdy; the box it came in had an inner layer of cardboard for extra cushioning. The foundation bottle is glass and has a pump to push out the product, the cap clicks on securely.

I tested this out all yesterday to be able to give you guys the run down. Using two pumps and a dense flat top kabuki brush, this gave me full coverage. In the future, I might go with one and a half pumps because I didn't realize how easily it would cover. The finish was matte but not flat, I wasn't walking around looking like a 2D piece of cardboard. 

I did my usual highlight, contour, and blush, and finished it off with some MAC Fix+ Spray and some Tarte finishing powder. I had glow but no oil. I wore this around for about 7 hours yesterday in humid New York City. Besides occasionally sweating and not touching up at all, this held up fantastic. I looked about the same as when I first applied until the 5 hour mark, when I began to get shiny in my T-zone. This is great for me because I have super oily skin, and usually can't make it past to hours without getting really shiny.

I was impressed because this didn't start to get patchy when I started getting oily. When I removed it at the end of my night, the foundation was all still there! They say this is really good for oily skin and I have to agree. My shade, 260, fit me so perfectly it just looked like my skin! If you decide to pick this up, know that the shades need to completely dry for you to see the true color. I always recommend finding a color in store since it can be difficult to match your color without testing it out first.

Here's a picture of me midday with the Fenty foundation on. I 100% recommend this product, the quality is phenomenal and with all the shade options everyone is bound to find a shade that matches them! This isn't just another celebrity gimmick brand with products that are mediocre, this is the REAL DEAL. 

Click here to be linked over to Fenty's site for their foundation.