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Monday, September 4, 2017


What a shoot this was! Going out on this shoot felt like a last hoorah for summer. My two friends and talented photographers, Migs and Amos, were with me on this trip to Coney Island. After a mix up on what trains to take to get over there, we finally arrived about 3 o'clock to the boardwalk. We spent until night walking up and down the boardwalk and around Luna Park. Keep reading to see the best shots!

The photo above was shot by my friend Migs, so we're going to start off with his set first. Like I said, this whole day was just a ton of fun. Anywhere you see the guy's names in this post, you can click to be taken to their Instagram galleries. You'll catch a very exclusive video on Migs's account from the day, shot by Amos!

MIGS (@migs.ny)

AMOS (@famousamos2)

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