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Saturday, August 5, 2017


Finally I am back home in New York! The whole summer, I've been traveling around Asia, but spending the most time in Taiwan. I did all my beauty shopping in the TW. Now, it's finally time to share what I've bought with you all! Keep reading for my thoughts on each product!

I'm not sure exactly how easy it is to buy these products outside of Taiwan. I've found all of these products on Amazon except for the Kate Tokyo foundation. The major difference between buying these products in Taiwan and off of Amazon in the US is the price point. In Taiwan, these products were WAY cheaper. Below each product, I'll write the amount in NTD (New Taiwan Dollars) that I bought it for, and what that amount is converted into USD (US Dollars).

Product: My Beauty Diary Face Masks
Price: $29 NTD ($0.98 USD)

According to all my Taiwanese friends, My Beauty Diary is Taiwan's it-brand when it comes to masks. I brought back five boxes of eight to give out as gifts for friends, and I bought all that on a deal for just under $30 USD. Individually, these masks are sold at 7-11 in Taiwan for just under $1 USD. 

Personally, I really love these masks. Every time I use one, my skin feels really supple and moisturized. I feel like I have a glow the next day! The thing is though, I'm not really a mask expert. I feel like all the different types of My Beauty Diary Masks all give me the same result. I recommend trying the brand, and any type they offer will probably do. Their packaging is always so pretty too!

Product: Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips
Price: $100 NTD ($3.00 USD)

I was so pumped after seeing this at the drugstore. Usually, for a ten pack of pore strips, the cost is more than double back in the US. I'm always drawn to charcoal products because of it's reputation for pulling out impurities. I asked one of the beauty people working at Sasa exactly what the difference is between the charcoal and normal strips. She told me the only difference is you can see the blackheads better when you pull off the strip, haha.

I had two problems when I used this strip. The first was I felt like it never really dried. I wet my nose like usual and applied, but waited a whole 40 MINUTES to actually remove it because it never felt stiff. Finally, I peeled it off but the corners on each side of my nose were still sticky and so the adhesive didn't pull off. That was kind of disappointing. Otherwise, this worked about the same as any other pore strip I tired. I did see the blackheads clearer on the strip, which was really satisfying.

Product: Kate Tokyo The Base Zero Foundation
Price: $580 NTD ($17.00 NTD)

I can't rave enough on this foundation! I picked this up because after getting so tan this summer, none of my usual foundations fit my tone anymore. While their color range is not very wide (I'm their darkest shade, and that's not saying much), the quality of this foundation is UNREAL. One pump covers my entire face. The texture is so smooth, almost silicone like. The coverage is unbelievably full, but doesn't feel heavy or thick on skin.

I think I like this more than my Dior Forever Flawless, and that's my holy grail stuff! I'm sad I can't find this on Amazon, but there must be another site that I can repurchase from in the US. Never have I been so impressed by a drugstore foundation. Can't recommend this enough!

Product: Mentholatum Acnes Dots
Price: $75 NTD ($2.50 USD)

I picked this up on a whim one night at 7-11. 7-11 in Taiwan is totally different from what it is back home. You can find/do almost anything in Taiwan 7-11s; they're everywhere and always in good condition. Anyway, I saw this when I went in to pick up a candy bar and decided to give it a shot. At the time, I was experiencing a few bad breakouts.

The night I bought this pack, I carefully used the tweezers provided to stick some of the patches onto my acne breakouts. I still don't really understand how these work-- all I know is they really helped calm down my spots. I kept the patches on for about 4 hours (they recommend no more than 8 I believe) before going to bed. My once irritated, angry spots were way less red and not as swollen the next morning.

Product: Elizovecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
Price: $300 NTD ($10 USD)

What a stroke of luck buying this product! I saw a meme one time about the bubble masks that foam up all crazy, but never looked into it. While in 86 Shop, a Taiwanese beauty store, I happen to see this on the shelf as I was going to the checkout counter. I thought it would be a novelty thing to try, not knowing this is kind of like THE bubble clay mask brand.

I used the little spatula that came inside to apply this onto clean skin. The texture feels like a cross between thick gel and clay. I hope I didn't ruin my jar, because initially there were no bubbles whatsoever inside. When I started dipping back in to get more product, the bubbles that were starting on my face kind of set off some of the product in the jar... Anyway, this was fun because it really does get insanely bubbly when applied. My skin sort of tingled during it, but it was refreshing when I rinsed it off. My skin felt cool and clean, but I can't say I saw any amazing results (although I was a little red). Pick this up for a little fun, but don't expect any major changes in your skin.