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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


These shots feature one of my favorite outfits-- my denim on denim look! What makes this special to me is that the embroidery on the denim jacket you see was done by me! I bought it plain, then after a few years of it being like that decided to add a little personalization to it. There are two different sets by two different photographers in this post, the first by my friend David and the other by Amos. Keep reading to see the best shots!

On this day, I spent the afternoon going around DUMBO with David first. We had so much fun walking around, and ended with a lunch at Shake Shack! Afterwards, I jetted to the LES and linked up with Amos for more pictures in a hidden alleyway. These guys are both fantastic photographers, and anywhere you see their names in this post you can click to see their Instagram galleries.

Also, the tote bag you see is a gift from my friend Jared. You can click here to check out his clothing brand, X-Files NY. I definitely recommend, he's got some great stuff up right now!

DAVID (@d.g.noble)

AMOS (@famousamos2)

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