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Monday, July 3, 2017


For all of June and July I am kicking it in the TW. Fortunately, my cousin had the hookup for photos and introduced me to her talented friend and photographer, Olsen. The three of us, along with my cousin's boyfriend and their cutie dog, Sake, went out one night for a little shooting. I'm so glad to have some shots that capture the lifestyle here in Taipei!

Anywhere you see Olsen's name, click to be brought to his Instagram. Like I mentioned, he is a phenomenal photographer. I was beyond impressed when he pulled up with all his gear, and he had so many tricks. The pictures you see where behind me is lit up is from a mobile light. Olsen took those shots of me in the rain and from across the street! The second to last where there's a light scribble over me is another camera trick, somehow my cousin had enough time to draw with her iPhone light and get out of the picture. The very last picture is of me and my lovely cousin, Iris.