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Saturday, May 27, 2017


Today's photos are from the photo meet up hosted by Donovan (@hiyromedia) in Washington Square Park beginning of the month. It was only my second meet up ever, but like the last, I had a great time meeting other people in the NYC Photography community! It's always so fun linking up with others with the same interests.

The above photo was shot by my new friend Gideon (@geejun_). This post is a collection of his and my girl Ali's (@ali_darcy) photos. Anywhere you see Ali or Gideon's names, you can click to be hyperlinked to their photo galleries. My top and bag are from my other new friend's clothing company X-Files New York. To check out his web store, and I really recommend you do, click the name! 

The other girl you see in some of the pictures is my friend Jada (@spaceyaf_). Click to be brought to her Instagram!


Gideon (@geejun_)

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