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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Last week, I had the pleasure of bleaching and dying one of my main girl's hair. Paige had been thinking of changing up her hair for a good while, and finally it was time to take the plunge. The whole process took about four hours, we did it all on a Friday night. Keep reading to see her hair before picture, products we used, and the super easy steps.

Real quick first, both photos you see in this post were shot by my fav girl Ali. Click on her name or here to be taken to her photography website!

Above is a photo of Paige's hair before we turned it pink. The top layer was bleached and dyed a reddish-blond color, while the rest of her hair was her natural color. Paige's natural hair is a 3b/3c type of curly hair and it is super thick. First we'll go through the products used, then we'll move onto steps.

L'Oreal Quick High Performance Blue Powder Lightener (6 packets)
L'Oreal Oreor 40-Volume Creme Developer (16 oz)
Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink Hair Dye
TRESemmé Curly Hair Conditioner
Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Oil
Plastic Bowl
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Bag

We started out with unwashed hair because the oils can protect from the bleach. The trick to the whole process was dividing Paige's hair into SMALL SECTIONS. Since her hair is so thick, it was really crucial to have small sections to ensure even bleaching and coloring. I tied her hair up and let out a thin layer at a time.

I used two packets of bleach powder and mixed the developer in a plastic bowl. I just used gloves on my hands and my fingers to apply the bleach. TAKE NO SHORTCUTS-- it's so important to make sure you reach everywhere on the hair, or else the results will show carelessness. We ran out of bleach towards the top of her head, so we left it for the second round. I tied a plastic bag around her hair to let it develop for about 40 minutes.

After rinsing, we went straight in for a round two. To protect her hair, I drenched her hair in coconut oil first. This time, we used four packets of bleach with the developer. There was plenty of bleach and I repeated the same process as the first time. After rinsing, Paige's hair was much more evenly bleached and down to a pale yellow color.

After it dried, I mixed most of the Hot Hot Pink dye into a plastic bowl with plenty of white TRESemmé conditioner. This dilutes the color (she wanted a lighter pink) and also nourishes the hair. Using the same small layer technique, I applied all of the color to her hair. After letting it sit for an hour, she rinsed it out.

The initial color was still very bright. The top photo you see is her hair after two washes. The color went down a good deal, and after another two washes it should be at the light pink she desires! I love it as is, and you can notice that some parts are lighter and darker. This was a result of how well the dye took to darker/lighter bleached areas. I like this, since I think it gives the hair dimension. Overall, I'm proud of the result and so happy that Paige likes it, she looks great! If anyone has any questions, make sure to comment below!