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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Last Sunday, I went out with my friend Amos to my first-ever Instagram photo meet up. Our plan was to stop by and scope out the scene before going to the LES for our own shots. We ended up staying the whole time, the turnout was great and it was a blast. I have a few of my favorite photos from the meet up below, then are the shots Amos took later with me in the LES. 

The cover image was shot by Amos. Anywhere you see names in this post, you can click on them to be brought to that person's Instagram gallery. I'm going to put some shots from the NYC Primeshot Central Park Spring 2017 meet-up first (with their respected photographers under each picture), then Amos's shots from during that and later.

IG: @_zeroattack_

IG: @everydayimshuttering

IG: @d.g.noble

IG: @jzhux

IG: @aaron.wongg

IG: @yauleephoto

IG: @dlomus

AMOS (@famousamos2)