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Sunday, April 23, 2017


This was my first shoot where I was actually STYLED! My friend Nicola has an eye for that kind of stuff, and she was so sweet to put this whole look together. This outfit is one of my new favorites-- and I would have never thought to put the pieces together like this. All photos are shot by Ali, one of my go-to photographer friends for blog shoots. Big thanks to Paige too for coming along to help! Keep reading to see the best shots and a surprise guest (the cutest little toddler at the Highline).

Anywhere you see Ali's name you can click to be brought to her photography site. You can also click here to see her Instagram gallery. Thanks to all the girls for helping to make this happen! The last photo you'll see is a group picture of the "glam squad". Ali took the photo, but pictured is Paige (with the pink hair), Nicola, and I.