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Saturday, March 4, 2017


Back again with another shoot, this one being the first done in foul weather. The rain and overcast proved to be an interesting backdrop, and it let me take my white ruffled umbrella out for a spin. My good friend Ali shot everything you're about to see. I always appreciate when my friends come out with me for collaborations, so again a big thank you to Ali. Keep reading for a visual chronicle of our time around the village that rainy February afternoon.

Anywhere you see Ali's name in this post, you can click to be hyperlinked to her photography site. To keep up with her on Instagram, make sure to follow her at @ali_darcy. Doing this shoot was so much fun, and even putting this post together and seeing all the photos puts a big smile on my face. After we finished shooting, we ducked into the By Chloe Sweets bakery shop (those are the last two photos). It was both of our first times there, and I would really recommend it. They're goods are pretty affordable and the environment is really inviting to sit and chat.