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Saturday, March 25, 2017


It's no secret that I am a huge fan of MAC. I own a good deal of products from them, and have always been very pleased with their quality. The one thing I wish from them is to STOP ANIMAL TESTING. I didn't realize MAC still used animals for testing new products until my friend told me recently. I think that's a real shame, and hopefully the entire family of Estee Lauder companies will leave the practice behind soon. All that aside, keep reading for a short breakdown of my MAC faves.

Because I generally love all my MAC products, I didn't want to make this a long list of all the products I own from them. I limited this list to my top five, in no particular order. On this list is:

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Spray, ($24)
I love this spray because it always makes my makeup look better. I find that this is like a magic eraser for cakey makeup. If I find that I applied too much powder and look dried out, a few sprays of this makes it all better. It makes my makeup look moisturized and healthy instead of flat.

MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion, ($33)
MAC no longer carries the Strobe Liquid, which I think was marketed as better for oily skin. They now have just Strobe Cream, which comes in five illuminating colors. I'm sure the new stuff is great too, but I really like this for giving my face a healthy glow. I add this to my foundation or BB cream to look healthy and awake.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot, "Soft Ochre", ($22)
I love my paint pot because I use it a lot but it never seems to go down! I've had this forever, it's basically an eyeshadow base. I blend this over my lid after using a primer, it gives an even base for eye shadow to adhere and pop. I find that shadows blend very nicely over this.

MAC Satin Lipstick, "Faux", ($17)
This is one of my go-to lip colors. The formula is light and creamy, never drying. It's really easy to apply since it's a natural color, you don't need to worry about having really sharp lines. This suits my skin tone well for a natural looking lip.

MAC Amplified Lipstick, "Half 'N Half", ($17)
Again, this is a go-to for me. The color has some more brown in it (see below, on left). When I'm tanner in the summer, this becomes my favorite natural lip. Even when I'm pale, it's still a solid darker nude.

Here are close-ups of the lipsticks and the paint pot so you can really see the colors: