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Saturday, February 25, 2017


I have something very exciting to share today. My good friend, Jasmine, has opened up her own online accessories shop-- NekoCha! She and I met in Taiwan two years ago, and we have kept in touch since then. I was so ecstatic when she sent me the beautiful moon choker you see below, and of course I had to share it here on the blog! Keep reading for a fun Q&A with Jasmine, and a special discount code to use at the shop!

As a friend, I am so proud of Jasmine for taking the initiative to starting her own business. Let me tell you, this girl has great style. She's really putting that taste to use in curating her shop with products that are both cute and trendy. I invite you to meet Jasmine by reading our little Q&A session below. Make sure to also keep up with her on Instagram, her personal account is @fakingayego and her shop account is Anywhere you see her shop name in this post you can click on to be hyperlinked to the site.

Amourtera: Tell us a little about your new shop!
Jasmine: NekoCha is an online shop that sells accessories and bags that are inspired by East Asian trends. The name of the shop translates to "Cat Tea" in English. My friend Nancy actually helped me come up with the name one day when I was juggling around names for my shop. I totally fell in love with the name because, honestly, who doesn't love cats and tea?! The website is for anyone who wants to check it out! We opened on February 22, 2017 so we would totally appreciate it if you guys could check it out!

A: What inspired you to open your own web shop?
J: I always knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur because I love how it combines all aspects of business. I decided to open my own web shop because I know how difficult it can be to find cute accessories and bags at an affordable price so I decided to create an online shop so that more people around the world could easily find cute items that fit their aesthetics.

A: What countries can shop the site as of now?
J: Our shop actually accepts purchases from every country! We also offer free international shipping because we do not want to charge our customers for shipping and handling fees.

A: This moon choker is one of my favorite pieces, what kind of other products will we be able to shop for on your site?
J: First of all, I'm so glad you like the choker! To me, fashion is really important because it shows self-expression so my store also offers a lot of cute, quirky, out of the ordinary items. For example, one of my favourite items in the store is a purse that is shaped as a carton of milk! We also have a scissor shaped hair clip that I am totally in love with! I always receive compliments what I'm wearing it.

A: Give us some background on yourself.
J: Well, to begin, I'm currently a high school student in Canada. I am hoping to go into actuarial sciences next year for university because I am totally a math geek! I also sing a bit on my free time and play the piano. My favourite social media would have to be Instagram because so far, everyone I met on the app is super sweet and supportive! I love making new Instagram friends as well so please drop by and say "Hi" whenever you can!

A: What is one thing not many people know about you?
I guess the one thing not many people know about me is more like a fun fact, but, I don't have my earlobes pierced! Haha it's kinda ironic because usually people get earlobe piercings first but I got my industrial and septum beforehand!

Jasmine has been super generous to us at Amourtera, and given a special discount code to use for 10% off our entire purchase. Type in "amourtera" at the check out page to get that discount!