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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Here's a fun fact to start off: I have never bought an Essie polish before. Three of these bottles I received as gifts, and one was free in an event goodie bag. I have tons of nail polish at home, but while I'm at school these are the only polishes I brought. Although there are only four bottles (and that's really barely a collection), I adore these colors and felt like sharing them with you all. 

This is a very straightforward post. Below you'll find single shots of each color and the name underneath. Some of these colors are part of past collections, so they might be a little harder to find. Typically they go for around $10 per bottle at the drugstores and Target. It's steeper than the polishes I buy, but these colors are so special and the quality is there. 

"Smokin' Hot"

"Go Go Geisha"

"Mrs. Always Right"

"Sand Tropez"