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Sunday, October 2, 2016


Good afternoon! Today's post is going to be one giant recap of all the College Fashion Week NYC event happenings from last night. This post is sponsored by Her Campus Media and its College Fashion Week brand partners. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Amourtera possible! Keep reading for tons of photos from the event, and a look inside my incredible goodie bags!

I have a feeling every year College Fashion Week comes around it's going to get better. Last year, I attended CFW NYC as one of the models in the show, this year I attended as an official Her Campus correspondent. It was fantastic last year and even better this year.

Here's how the night went in pictures:
(I also live reported throughout the night on my Instagram @kellalovesapples's story)

I started getting ready about two hours before the show started. I went all out on the makeup because if ever there was a time to be glamorous, this was it.

My plus one was one of my closest friends and fashion extraordinaire, Ben Electro. We were a little late on arriving, but luckily got to skip the two giant lines in front because I was a correspondent. After checking in and receiving a totally kick-butt goodie bag (pictures and breakdown at the end), we took our seats in the PRESS area.

The event was held at 404. The space was only a short walk along 34th to 10th ave. The inside featured three levels all filled with different sponsors, refreshments, and photo opportunities. The lower level was used as the runway and seating space. I was so surprised at the amount of people in attendance, the place was popping!

This giant screen served as the backdrop of the runway and a spot where models would pause for photos. On the screen in this photo is a list of all the sponsors that came together to make this thing happen. Sponsors play a crucial role in making an event come to life, and they were all so generous. Some of the brands had stands giving away products in abundance, and others blessed our goodie bags to the max. The generosity and support is incredible. 

Here's a view looking down from the third floor.

As I mentioned, there were refreshments throughout the event. One table was dedicated to Insomnia Cookies- I nearly died. Insomnia Cookies are bomb, and you better believe I was there with my white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.

Sparkling Ice provided us with the most delicious sparkling flavored drinks. I had the mango and nearly flipped it was so good, and all zero calorie!

While I was working with my Canon, Ben was in charge of getting some nice IPhone shots with my phone. Here's a candid of him getting pictures from the Boxed Water stand. Something about boxed water is just so chic, their packaging is A1.

Ben did a good job, here's the photo he took!

Ben also snapped this pic of me with the Boxed Water (we both said I looked like a meme lol).

Here's a photo of yours truly getting a photo of the second floor. In the back right is the Bertha Watches stand, which was beautiful.

Ben and I got a picture in front of the official event backdrop, thankfully someone had enough patience to deal with my constant moving to get a decent picture. We did all our major walking around and photo taking before any of the four shows started. Once we heard the call that the first show was starting, we went back to our seats.

It was so cool being able to take the PRESS seats, the entire experience was awesome and I am once again honored to have been chosen as a correspondent!

 Ms. Chu, the DJ for the event, was playing hit after hit. I don't think the crowd was in the mood for dancing, but even in our seats Ben and I never stopped moving.

I was low key so happy to wear these earrings. I literally bought them three years ago and have been waiting for the right moment to break them out!

Here's me in between shows with my camera ready!

These are some more shots of just me....

The night featured four different runway shows, each a different theme. Between each of the shows was about a 30 minute break; and I loved how as always, these were real college girls modeling. 

There was a good range of diversity among the girls, representing all types of bodies and looks.

The clothing they sported were from designers who have never had their items in a runway show before, and all by young women designers. I liked how they were also promoted and had a chance to gain some exposure here.

Accessories the girls wore included names like Fitbit, Bertha Watches, Rebecca Minkoff, and Vince Camuto.

All the girls did great jobs walking and posing, I give them a lot of credit- especially remembering how nervous I was when I walked last year!

All four shows were awesome, and the end of the night felt like it came way too soon. It was a blast though, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be there.

Now it's time to take a look at the goods! There were different goodie bags given out: one was a general bag for attendants, one was a VIP bag, and one was for correspondents. I received both the VIP and correspondent bags. They were really packed with all sorts of items, so I waited until I came home to get a good look at what was inside.

Here is everything laid out all together! I knew there were a lot of things inside, but wow this really shocked me! Once again, I have to thank the sponsors for everything they gave away.

I had thrown into my bag a few things that I had picked up while walking around at the event. That included a bag of candy I packed for myself from the candy bar, the Boxed Water, and a KIND bar.

We'll break down the VIP bag first. 

The bag itself is a cute, sturdy canvas bag. I loved the cute little VIP pass they had clipped to the side, made me feel very professional!

Inside the bag were tons of goodies. I received a full size bag of Skinny Pop popcorn, a Her Campus CFW cup, a drink sleeve, a Perfumania makeup bag, a KIND bar, Drybar Triple Sec spray, a Salvatore Ferragamo sample perfume from Perfumania, and a European Wax Center set of three body lotions.

 Also in the VIP bag was another canvas bag, this one from Maidenform. Maidenform blessed me with multiple pairs of hosiery and shapewear. Hanes also gave a a few pairs of hosiery- I am so happy because I needed some new hosiery too!

Included also was an issue of People StyleWatch, tons of special offers from Perfumania, European Wax Center, and Bertha Watches. Fitbit even included a coupon for a free Fitbit Flex 2!

Now onto the special correspondents bag. They really tricked this thing out. Inside was a gorgeous hot pink Rebecca Minkoff bag, a free blowout from the Drybar, an Essie polish in "Go Go Geisha", Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana perfume from Perfumania in addition to a coupon, and Fitbit Flex 2!

I was totally blown away by the quality of products from the sponsors. These are full size products and really really fantastic. I want to send a big thank you to all the sponsors, and the major six:

Fitbit: Home of the hottest fitness device right now that I am so blessed to have been given, the Fitbit. This device tracks all sorts of fitness stats throughout the day.
Drybar: The move for wanting a great blowout at one of their many salons, and also the spot for top tier hair products.
Rebecca Minkoff: Fabulous fashion designer, a must know brand for young, professional fashionistas.
Vince Camuto: One of my personal favorite brands with both women's and men's lines. Killer heels and killer looks.
Bertha Watches: If you're in the market for a high quality watch, you need to check out Bertha Watches. All their stuff is beautiful, and they have an awesome sunglasses collection too!
Perfumania: If you like having a lot of options, and you're looking for a new perfume, take a spin around Perfumania. Whether online or in store, you're bound to find the perfect scent for you.

I can't believe CFW NYC 2016 is over. This was my second year in a row attending, and I am looking forward to when they come back to the city next year and I can go again! Thank you again to Her Campus for having me be a correspondent, to all the wonderful sponsors, and to all you readers that support me here on the blog!