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Saturday, August 23, 2014


        I'm about 2 months purple now, and I thought maybe I'd put together an info post on how it's been going for anyone who's thinking about dyeing their hair a light color. I am not a hair expert, this is just personal experience. I have to say though, I don't regret it one bit!

        I saw all the pictures of girls with pastel colored hair on Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Images (woo) for months before I decided to actually dye my hair. I knew I had to bleach it first.. that was the biggest obstacle. Then I considered whether or not I would look good with it for a while.

        Finally, I told myself to just go for it. My friends and sister were very encouraging, meanwhile my parents were sort of indifferent. I'm still in the teenage years, where it's necessary to run any major appearance changes past the parents. This, as I see it, is also the perfect time to dye hair any crazy colors! It's not like I have a job or any responsibility to look professional!

        Let me start with care first, then we'll move to my hair update and FAQs.


Having purple hair does take more maintenance than natural hair (obviously), but it's not too bad. I wash my hair every other day (sometimes longer, if I'm not going anywhere. It just stays in a bun); on the days I don't wash my hair, I'll use dry shampoo and curl it or throw it up so it doesn't look too oily. It depends what hair type you have, mine is oily so every other day is all I can miss when it comes to washing!

If my hair feels dry, I'll use a pea size amount of hair oil. If I'm washing my hair that night then I'll use a deep conditioner.

Keeping the color is sort of difficult, because most likely you're using a semi-permanent dye (I don't know of any permanent purple dyes, not sure if that's a thing). Light colors wash out and fade fast. I don't mind my purple not being super fresh or having a blend of purple/gray/blonde, in fact I think it looks sort of cool! Re-dying takes place about every 2 weeks.


I first went purple the end of June. Here's a few collages with pictures documenting my hair through all it's phases:

L: This picture was the first day I dyed my hair using Ion dye in 'Lavender'.
M: I think this was after one wash, it's noticeably lighter than before.
R: I'm going to guess this was after another wash, notice some parts at the middle and bottom of my hair look almost light brown.

L: Once I was on vacation, I started making frequent trips to the pool and beach. Between all that chlorine, salt water, sun exposure, and frequent washing, my color was only present in streaks. This was my purple-blonde-green phase.
M: This is a weird picture, but it's a good representation of the light blonde hair I was left with. Some of my dark roots are starting to come in here.
R: I wanted a little purple back, so I dyed the bottom layer because there was no point at this time dying my entire head. This lasted like 3 days and was gone.

L: Towards the end of vacation, I wanted to re-dye my hair so it would be purple again when I got home. Unimpressed with Ion dye's lasting power, I switched over to Manic Panic. I used the color 'Ultra Violet'. I was still abusing it with too much chlorine-salt-sun-wash, so that went withing a week and a half. 
I did it again the day before I left and so I was back to dark purple/blue.
M: What I like about starting so dark is that it has more run time, and fades to what I want at the second/third wash! This is the color it fades to after 1 wash, I really like this one. My friend gave me the awesome double french braid into a fishtail you see here, and you can really see my dark roots in now!
R: This is the color after 2 washes. you can see a little light brown at the bottom and some gray/white at the crown of my hair.

L: This is after 3 washes. The purple gets even more pastel and starts looking more gray, especially in direct light.
M: Here's after 4 washes. Notice more blonde/brown coming through! You can't see it here, but the top of my head is getting more blonde than purple.
R: No picture here, because after my 5th wash I decided to refresh my purple, so I'm back to the start!


1. Between bleaching and dyeing, isn't your hair really damaged?
No! I took care of it after bleaching (read about that in my bleaching post a few posts back) and deep condition/use oils as needed. My hair has always been on the soft side, and it still is! As for split ends, I have some, but it's the same amount I had before I started processing my hair. I also mix my hair dye with conditioner!

2. How often do you have to re-dye your hair?
Like I said, about every 2 weeks. It really depends though on how many times I've washed it and what I've been doing (i.e pool or sun exposure). It's sort of a hassle, but I like that I have the option of switching colors because I know the last color will be completely out within 3 weeks.

3. What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?
I use sulfate-free shampoo from Aveeno and either Herbal Essence conditioner or Aussie's 3-minute miracle.

4. Which hair dye do you prefer?
Whether it's ION's Lavender or Manic Panic's Ultra Violet, I always mix conditioner with it to lighten the color and stretch my dye (I'm cheap, and mixing the conditioner lessens how much dye I need to use). I can go with either, although I lean more towards Manic Panic because they have more color options, that's just personal preference though. At the end of the day, ION and Manic Panic have about the same lasting power on my hair.

5. Do you use a coloring brush when you dye your hair?
I did the first time, but now I just throw on a pair of gloves and use my hands. The conditioner and hair dye mix I use makes it just soupy enough to massage through my hair; I use my hands to separate strands, the brush is just a hassle.

If you have any more questions, leave them below and I'll add & answer them here in this post!

       I suppose that's it then! I'm loving my purple hair, and if you're reading this right now and thinking about dyeing your hair a fun color hopefully I've helped you out a bit!