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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


        One thing I hate is wasting. When I used up my 'Sweet Mint' EOS lip balm, I wasn't ready to throw out such a sturdy little container! So I got my DIY state of mind and pulled out the camera to see what I could do!

        There are a lot of pictures and steps coming up on how to completely gut out your lip balm. The possibilities are endless on how you want to use it, the example I chose is as an earring holder especially nice for travel.

Of course we're going to start with materials needed, and obviously that includes a used up EOS!

We're also going to need jewelry cutters, a plastic knife, paper towel, and not pictured here but a pillbox or small empty cosmetics container.

1. Start by using the plastic knife to cut into the lip balm and scoop it out.

2. Put it off to the side on the paper towel, so now the 'spokes' are visible.

3. Using the plastic knife again, poke each wedge of lip balm in between the spokes down further into the container.

When you're done, it should look like this. All the wedges are at the bottom and the spokes are left at the top.

4. Take your jewelry cutters and cut where the spokes are connected to the container. Don't worry about not getting the full length of each spoke off, because we'll clean that up more later.

5. Once you cut all spokes off from the container, use your jewelry cutters to lift it out of the lip balm container.

6. Put that to the side on the paper towel for now. It's going to become garbage because I haven't thought of any use for it yet. I feel like it could be useful for something, like maybe paint it and it could be a snowflake pattern?

7. Moving along, using the plastic knife, remove all the lip balm wedges from the container and put them to the side on top of the lip balm pile from before.

Here's where the pillbox or small empty cosmetics container comes in. You can take all these leftover lip balm pieces and put them into the container using the knife to smooth the surface over. This way, you're not wasting all this lip balm.

8. Now, we're going to go back with the jewelry cutters and get rid of any part of the spokes we didn't get to before. They can be sort of sharp, so you want to get out as much as possible to avoid scratching yourself when you reach in.

9. Lastly, take a small piece of paper towel and use it to clean up the inside of the container of any leftover lip balm.

Yay! You're finished! These containers are surprisingly deep and offer a lot of room!

Use it to fit one or multiple pairs of earrings. When you're traveling, you can easily keep this in your pocketbook and not worry about losing any earrings, because that always seems to happen when you put them into a bag with other jewelry.

Wondering how many pairs I fit inside for this picture? TEN whole pairs! And thanks to the dome shape of it, you can probably fit close to 20!

This is the second EOS lip balm I've done this to. I'm glad I've saved 2 great little containers so far!

        If you're wondering what some other uses could be, here's a little list my friend helped come up with:
  1. Toothpaste holder*
  2. Shampoo/Conditioner/Lotion Container*
  3. Pill holder (like Advil & other legal things)
  4. Safety Pins
  5. De-pot another lipstick into it
  6. Small hair ties
  7. Fine necklaces/bracelets
* = to make it travel friendly, when you can't bring the full size onto the plane!

        Like I said in the beginning, the list can go on and on. It's all about recycling things so we don't waste and also getting creative with what we already have. If anyone comes up with other ways to use this, make sure to share it with us in the comments below!