It's no secret that I am a huge fan of MAC. I own a good deal of products from them, and have always been very pleased with their quality. The one thing I wish from them is to STOP ANIMAL TESTING. I didn't realize MAC still used animals for testing new products until my friend told me recently. I think that's a real shame, and hopefully the entire family of Estee Lauder companies will leave the practice behind soon. All that aside, keep reading for a short breakdown of my MAC faves.


Welcome to the second part to last week's post! This shoot is from the same day as the last one, when I went out with Nelson and Amos. This time around I'm spotlighting Nelson's best photos from the afternoon. Like always, anywhere you see the guys' names you can click to go to their Instagram galleries!


This is my favorite shoot to date. I went out with the dream team last month to shoot this one down in Soho. I swear, these guys just keep getting better; big thank you to Nelson and Amos as always. Keep reading to check out some of Amos's best shots, and click anywhere you see the guys' names to be taken to their Instagram galleries.
*This is the first out of a TWO PART SERIES. This post is all of Amos's photos, the next one will be all of Nelson's.*


Back again with another shoot, this one being the first done in foul weather. The rain and overcast proved to be an interesting backdrop, and it let me take my white ruffled umbrella out for a spin. My good friend Ali shot everything you're about to see. I always appreciate when my friends come out with me for collaborations, so again a big thank you to Ali. Keep reading for a visual chronicle of our time around the village that rainy February afternoon.