I've been here in Taichung, Taiwan teaching English to kids in a volunteer program. After a hard week of lesson plans and classroom work, my little group went out for a day out on the town. Lucky for me, my friend Ruth is into photography and helped me document the day (and my outfit) in this set of photos. Keep reading for the best shots!


For all of June and July I am kicking it in the TW. Fortunately, my cousin had the hookup for photos and introduced me to her talented friend and photographer, Olsen. The three of us, along with my cousin's boyfriend and their cutie dog, Sake, went out one night for a little shooting. I'm so glad to have some shots that capture the lifestyle here in Taipei!


Amos and I went out last month for a shopping day and Chinese food that turned into a mini shoot! The result was a lot of time by the Red Egg restaurant sign in Chinatown, and some fantastic prism and double exposure shots. Keep reading to see the best ones, and also some from last month's Washington Square Park meet up!


I had been on a two-week hiatus from NYC. I don't get to live the slow life very often (no complaints), but I definitely appreciate it sometimes to re-charge. While on vacation, I linked up with some of my cousins, one of which is into photography. We went out to Pine Island like we always do, but this time at sunset-- and I managed to get Mark to take a few shots. Keep reading to see some of the best!